Partner: Charles Song​​​​​​​; Professor Dana McKinney

​​​​​​​As the discussion surrounding design accessibility in architecture gains momentum, we felt it was essential to examine the topic of designing for the Deaf community. People who are Deaf experience a unique and rich sensory world where vision and touch play a crucial role in their spatial awareness and orientation. DeafSpace is an architectural approach that considers the unique ways in which Deaf individuals occupy and engage with their surroundings. Simple design elements such as rounded corners and open floor plans should become the norm to enhance their experience and comfort.
Designing a university for the d/DHH community in South Boston also allowed us the opportunity to combat sea level rise with a combination water wall power generator / grey water system utilizing the seawater caught by the water wall. The power generated will replace that of the existing power plant on the site that we have adapted to be filled with various programs for the university. The greywater system will irrigate the site's various green spaces- including the pedestrian path atop the wall itself. 
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